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Is Your Top Talent in the Right Position?

Do you have an employee who’s not meeting expectations for their role? It doesn’t mean they don’t belong on your team. If they made a great impression in their interview or have excelled with your company, they’re likely right for your company—but they may be in the wrong role. And when people are in the wrong roles, it can lead to high turnover and an unproductive workplace.

This article outlines steps you can take to ensure every team member is in the position that will best enable them—and your company—to thrive.

Your Top Employee May be in the Wrong Role

Define Team Roles

Reviewing your team’s organizational structure may be necessary if multiple employees are underperforming. When the expectations for the different roles in your company aren’t clear, it’s harder for your employees to succeed—and for you to tell if they’re right for their role.

Collaborate with your leadership team to review each position in your company and define the ideal candidate’s professional experience and personal qualities. Then, consider whether the employee currently occupying that position has those attributes. If the employee’s skills and performance don’t align with the expectations for their role, consider whether there’s another role on the team that might suit them better.

Find Alternate Paths to Promotion

Companies often recognize great performance by promoting employees to management roles. However, managers need different professional and interpersonal skills than individual contributors. If a company promotes an employee to a management position without considering whether they have management skills, it can lead to underperformance and turnover of the new manager’s direct reports.

Of course, just because a well-performing employee doesn’t have management skills doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be rewarded. Consider whether there’s an alternate path to promotion—perhaps a senior title with additional individual contributor responsibilities and a higher salary.

If you want to promote an employee, include them in the conversation. Ask them where their skills and interests lie and work to promote them in a way that works for them and the company.

Invest in Professional Development

Ongoing education and professional development can boost your retention and ensure your employees are in the correct roles. The workplace is changing fast, and the skills that allowed an employee to succeed in the past may contribute to underperformance in the present. If the expectations for an employee’s role have changed, ensure you provide that employee with the training, tools, and resources necessary to meet those new expectations.

Professional development is important for every member of your team, not just the ones who are underperforming. Continuing education can help your employees feel more engaged and in control of their careers. And if they feel their employer is actively invested in their success, they’ll be less likely to leave.

Hire the Right People

If implementing the above suggestions leaves you with openings in your team, Augustine Talent Group can help. Our expert recruiters are ready to find candidates with the right skills, experience, and personal attributes to succeed with your company. Contact us today to learn more.

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