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Is your organization in search of in-demand talent with the specialized skillsets necessary to get the job done right? Of course, you also need people who mesh with your company culture, people who can shape your team for future success with their soft skills as well as their raw talents. But finding these individuals can be easier said than done. That’s why you need the help of a recruiting firm with the experience, resources, and reach to fill your organization’s most critical open roles.

Augustine Talent Group is a recruitment agency for engineering, accounting, manufacturing, and other fields dedicated to ensuring your company’s success through the power of people. Whether you’re looking for an IT expert or a senior accountant, a manager or a seasoned salesperson, we can help you find the professional who checks every box.

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And we’re here to help. ATG’s recruiters for accounting and finance, IT, HR, manufacturing, marketing, and the other fields we work in are veterans of the recruiting world – we know the markets we work in, and we know exactly what you want out of your next role. Competitive pay and benefits. A team you can thrive in, a culture that aligns with your values. The chance to grow your career while making an impact that lasts.

When you partner with ATG, you’ll be matched with a dedicated recruiter who will take the time to understand your work history, skills, and short- and long-term career goals. Our recruiters know your industry – if you’re an IT expert, you’ll be connected with an information technology recruiter. If you’re a sales professional, you’ll speak with someone familiar with the world of sales and marketing. That’s just one way ATG stands apart. We’ve been where you are, and that’s what makes us uniquely qualified to help take your career to new heights.

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