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The Benefits of Staying Open to New Work - Augustine Talent Group

The Benefits of Staying Open to New Work

Most modern professionals have experienced the confusion of receiving a cold call from a recruiter when they’re happy in their current position. If you’ve been with the same company for several years and you find fulfillment in your role, it can seem pointless to consider other opportunities. But while you’re never obligated to switch employers, keeping an open mind can present several personal and professional benefits. Here are three reasons you should always remain a passive candidate—even if you love your job.

Why You Should Stay Open to New Opportunities

Expand Your Professional Network

Professional networking—whether online, in person, or both—can only ever help your career. Communicating regularly with recruiters and professionals in your industry can increase your visibility and forge connections that can lead to valuable partnerships. New colleagues may be able to introduce you to industry leaders who can personally recommend you for future opportunities. Continued networking can also help you learn about different aspects of your industry and stay updated on trends, making you a more valuable employee and candidate.

Earn What You’re Worth

Unsurprisingly, higher pay is one of the main reasons otherwise happy employees choose to switch jobs. If you’ve been in the same position for several years, your salary may not be up to current industry standards, meaning you’re earning less than you’re worth without knowing it. A recruiter can help you determine a fair market salary based on your skills and experience, allowing you to either negotiate a raise with your current employer or seek higher-paying opportunities. Even if you ultimately decide that your current position is worth more than any dollar amount, it never hurts to be aware of what other people in similar positions earn so you can market yourself more effectively.

Expect the Unexpected

The days of job security in the traditional sense are largely over. From mass layoffs due to an unstable economy to structural changes and reorganization to mergers and new leadership, your role could be eliminated at any point, regardless of your loyalty to your employer. This doesn’t mean you need to be paranoid, but you need to be prepared. If you remain a passive job seeker, maintain an up-to-date resume, and keep your eyes and ears open about new opportunities in your industry, you’ll be in a much more secure place should the worst happen.

Explore Your Options with an Augustine Recruiter

Whether you’re happy in your current role or are actively seeking new opportunities, the expert recruiters at Augustine Talent Group are here to support your ongoing professional development. Contact our team today to start making valuable connections.   

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