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Recorded Video Interviews: A Unique Approach to Staffing - Augustine Talent Group

Recorded Video Interviews: A Unique Approach to Staffing

Prerecorded video interviews are one hiring trend that’s emerged over the past few years. This technology allows employers to load questions into a software system and have candidates record themselves answering them, usually using a computer webcam or smartphone.

While these video interviews shouldn’t completely replace face-to-face interviews (either over video or in person), they can give you a better sense of a candidate’s skills and personal qualities than a resume or cover letter. This makes recorded interviews a useful preliminary tool in deciding which candidates will move forward in the application process. This article will explore a few of the staffing benefits of recorded video interviews.

Why To Consider Using Recorded Video Interviews


Recorded video interviews make the hiring process faster and more efficient. They often cover the same basic information that a hiring manager would get from an initial application—a candidate’s work experience, applicable skills, and any additional factors that make them stand out. And in many cases, it takes less time to watch a 3–5-minute video than it does to comb through a resume and cover letter.

Video interviews can also speed up multi-interview hiring processes. It’s often challenging to find multiple times when the candidate and all necessary team members are available for an interview. If you’ve already decided to move forward with a candidate based on their resume, putting their first-round interview into a prerecorded video format can reduce the time it takes to coordinate schedules.


Recorded video interviews equalize the hiring process by ensuring each candidate receives the same interview experience. When interviewing multiple candidates face-to-face, there will inevitably be some differences. Some candidates may take longer to answer a question or not understand the interviewer’s intent. Similarly, the interviewer may paraphrase questions or vary in their delivery, impacting the candidate’s answers.

Video interviews take this inconsistency out of the hiring process. The video software ensures that each candidate receives the same questions in the same manner. Moreover, they each receive the same amount of time to think about and then deliver their responses.


Good employers know that it’s just as important to consider a candidate’s personality as their background and skills—it’s difficult for an employee to succeed if they’re not a good fit for the company’s culture. But unless they’re a talented writer, it’s challenging to accurately gauge a candidate’s personality through a resume or cover letter alone.

Video interviews give hiring managers a stronger sense of a candidate’s personality than they would get on paper. This allows them to select only candidates who seem to be a good culture fit for second-round interviews, making the hiring process more accurate and efficient.

A Better Way to Hire

Interested in implementing recorded video interviews into your hiring? As part of our ongoing commitment to making search and recruiting easier for our clients, Augustine Talent Group uses a live video-recorded interview called a Talent Selfie in our recruitment process. The Talent Selfie enables ATG to provide employers with a more informative and engaging first look at candidates, making it easier for you to determine which candidates are right for your organization. Reach out today to learn more.

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